The Big Clean-Up: Childs Hill Walk

JOIN US: 24 March 2019, from 12 midday to 2pm

It’s only 100 yards or so, but you can see a lot on a short stroll down Childs Hill Walk, from All Saints Church to Cricklewood Lane.

Not just the memorial garden, then the school, to the left. There’s also a somewhat tatty and depleted planting area, on the right, with a grubby wall, and thick laurel bushes.

Plus, a fair bit of rubbish. Not a vast amount, but enough to disappoint.

And some of us think the walk could be vastly improved with relatively small effort.

A group of residents, community groups, the church, representatives of the school, and both Conservative and Labour councillors, have come up with a variety of ideas to make Childs Hill Walk something really special.

This includes a variety of ideas for fresh planting and art installations, commemorating the history of this part of north London.

But before we get to that, we need to clean it up.

So we’ve set a date: 24 March 2019, from 12 midday to 2pm.

Please come along. We’ve got litter pickers and other equipment, and we’re putting up a display in the church to share our ideas.

We’d love to know what you think. Not only of the ideas we’ve already come up with – but any additional, better ideas you might want to add.

See you soon!

64 Computers


Have you met Vivek (right), at 64 Computers on Cricklewood Lane?

They sell a lot of stationery, but also handle postage. But here’s a tip:

To save money, Vivek suggests you create an account at, fill in the necessary details, print off the label at home and THEN drop the parcel here in the shop…

(64 Computers are the only ParcelShop in Childs Hill.)


PS. Vivek would like me to tell you that they also repair mobile phones.

Ridge Garage

You probably have seen them, because they’re often to be seen working in Prospect Road, at Ridge Garage.

Steve (fourth from left) opened Ridge Garage in March 1988 on Ridge Road, and moved it to Prospect Road in 2009.

Steve lives locally.

Pictured with Steve are Daniel, Omar, Danny and Elvis, who manages the garage. 

We asked Steve who else we ought to know about in Childs Hill. He recommends Papa’s, the cafe on Finchley Road. “They’ve got nice food, and they look after us,” he said.


Childs Hill has long been known as the place that took in washing for the big houses in Hampstead – we’re well supplied with water on this side of the hill.

Laundry, haberdashery, and clothes repairs all continue to be well represented in the area – and dry cleaning too.

We’d like to introduce you to Ali and Nur, who run Crystalline Dry Cleaning on the corner of Finchley Road and Hermitage Lane.

They’ve been working here for many years – the mind boggles at how many shirts and other items they have cleaned in that time. They may have cleaned yours.

They don’t have the good fortune to live in Childs Hill themselves, but they don’t live far away. If you’re passing, pop in and say hello – tell them you read about them here.

Ali and Nur support and use many other local businesses, but particularly recommend two nearby cafes, Papillon and Jels.