Childs Hill has long been known as the place that took in washing for the big houses in Hampstead – we’re well supplied with water on this side of the hill.

Laundry, haberdashery, and clothes repairs all continue to be well represented in the area Рand dry cleaning too.

We’d like to introduce you to Ali and Nur, who run Crystalline Dry Cleaning on the corner of Finchley Road and Hermitage Lane.

They’ve been working¬†here for many years – the mind boggles at how many shirts and other items they have cleaned in that time. They may have cleaned yours.

They don’t have the good fortune to live in Childs Hill themselves, but they don’t live far away. If you’re passing, pop in and say hello – tell them you read about them here.

Ali and Nur support and use many other local businesses, but particularly recommend two nearby cafes, Papillon and Jels.