What’s Best About The Place You Call Home?

One of the best things about living in Childs Hill is the elevation – which gives us such big skies and lovely sunsets. But perhaps that’s just me…?

Recently, I sent an email out asking what YOU like best about Childs Hill.

I’m posting a few of the answers here, in hope that it inspires others to add more, in the comments below:

Several people mentioned the neighbourhood feeling:

I really like Prospect Road, the style of the houses inside and out, their close proximity to some shops (even if they are all DIY,  tile shops and agencies) and some friendly neighbours. it feels like my sort of road. I feel at ease here. – Michael

The park is wonderful, especially on a sunny Sunday. The people are mostly neighbourly and there are a lot of people willing to fight for Childs Hill’s rights. – Pauline

Others mentioned favourite suppliers of food:

Happy to recommend Golden Harvest – lovely Bangladesh food. We often have a delicious takeaway. Also we very much like Crystalline, the dry cleaner. – Veronica

Eurofoods on Hermitage Lane is much more than the sum of its parts. The place and its staff are part of the community and will be greatly missed if they go. – Felicity

Park Cafe – nice food, and cheap. – Pauline

Co-op croissants! – Maureen

Some are just happy to live in their own streets, which is a great sign:

Something lovely about Child’s Hilll – Prospect Road 🙂 – Suzanne

And others still mentioned the services that some of us depend on:

Jack and Jill Pre-school has to be up there as a valuable small business operating in Childs Hill. Ofsted rated them as ‘Outstanding’ in 2016. – Elaine

So far as it goes, this is a promising start.

But I’m sure there’s a lot more… but what?!

In the weeks and months to come, I’m planning to write, photograph and post a bit more about the area, the people – and the croissants (!).

I’ll focus on the things YOU suggest, so please leave a comment below if there’s something else about Childs Hill we need to know about…


4 thoughts on “What’s Best About The Place You Call Home?”

  1. The highlight of the year for me is the Pattison Road street party which will be held for the 10th time in 2018

  2. I think it’s important to mention that All Saint’s church has at last got a new Vicar. He and his family have settled in very well at the Vicarage and Robin and wife Helen can be seen busily around Child’s Hill parish. The eldest little girl is attending All Saints school and the family is a great addition to the locality.

    And the co op croissants are still the best!!

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